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The only Dr Hauschka Makeup Artist in the UK!

Treat yourself to Dr Hauschka cosmetics and everyday will be a spa day!  

Try the entire Dr Hauschka range before you buy, with expert advice in my Organic salon.

From face care to bath essences, I stock the whole Dr Hauschka range. You can order by phone, text or by emailing me.

Dr Hauschka Make up

The Organic Beautician is the only Dr Hauschka Certified Makeup Artist in the UK 

If you want to look like yourself but fresher, youthful and radiant, then you need Dr Hauschka makeup. All natural and organic, and celebrating 50 years in 2017! 

All the Dr Hauschka makeup is in stock, including the Limited Edition Seasonal Makeup, when it becomes available. Why not book a makeup session, and update your look with natural cosmetics? 

Pure, natural beauty

All Dr Hauschka products, including the makeup, are certified natural, containing the highest-quality plant and mineral ingredients

  • Every ingredient is carefully chosen based on its individual effects on the skin, as well as the way it interacts with other ingredients
  • ALl the plants' origins are all carefully researched making sure that they come from ecologically and ethically sound sources
  • Packaging is carefully designed and manufactured to enables that the products can be free of artificial preservatives

For all your Dr Hauschka Skin Care Products, contact The Organic Beautician