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The Skincredible Journey

Want to look radiant? Need help achieving your best ever skin?

Possibly there is a little more of you than there was, and you don't like that?

Perhaps you feel that you're ageing faster than you would like?

(Not that there's anything wrong with ageing, it's perfectly natural, but why speed up the process?)

The Skincredible Journey will get you looking, and feeling, radiant in just 30 days.

Expert guidance and tuition, a clear, easy to follow workbook and a gorgeous goodie bag, full of all the organic skincare goodies you need, will keep you on track, as will the regular checkins with me, your Radiant Skin coach. 

Includes your own personalised Radiant Skin Spa Session and skincare prescription

Radiant skin can be yours! Skincredible Journey course and products £295


The Classic Facial treatment      120 minutes £100

Imagine yourself in a place of peace and tranquillity. Your feet are soaking in warm scented water and you feel yourself starting to unwind from the everyday stresses of life.
You move to lie on the treatment table, where your arms and legs are gently massaged with sweet-smelling creams. You are dimly aware that your face and décolleté are swathed in warm aromatic compresses and that your skin is being gently cleansed, then you float blissfully away, as you experience the luxurious pleasure of the Dr Hauschka brush massage. 
You awaken from this fragrant paradise of relaxation feeling restored and renewed, with your skin glowing with health and radiance. 
     My clients say that even their husbands notice when they have had a treatment!
The Classic Facial is two hours of aromatic bliss, but there are shorter variants:
Revitalising Treatment 90 minutes £89
Relaxation Treatment 90 minutes £89
One Hour For You £70
How often should you have a facial?
The change of seasons is a wonderful time to offer your skin extra support with a Facial Treatment, but if you have the time and resources, monthly is ideal, for optimumly radiant skin
The Cleopatra Facial

Not a drop of asses' milk is used (so it's fine for vegans) but the luxurious application of 24 carat gold leaf, colloidal gold and Organic Rose oils makes up for the lack of lactose! This treatment also includes lifting movements for smooth, healthy fascia and skin.

Cleopatra is reputed to have used gold on her skin to help maintain her legendary beauty. Now, you can also experience the luxury of 24 carat gold leaf; okay, so it's ludicrously expensive, but have you seen the gold price lately? Anyway, the effects are tremendous. You know you are worth it! Why not gild the lily? 

You decide how much gilding you'd like; the treatment is tailored to you and your skin.

From £205 - £275








The Facial Firming Treatment

Just as blissfully relaxing and efficacious as the Classic Treatment, but specifically designed for the care of more mature skin, with additional attentiongiven to the eye and neck areas; ideal in combination with Facial Gymnastics to address the signs of ageing.

     Facial Firming Treatment
     Personalised Facial Firming Programme

 135 mins   £105
 7 week programme




Facial Gymnastics

Not keen on needles? No, nor me! Luckily for those of us averse to Botox, there are facial exercises, which, if practiced regularly, can help to ameliorate the signs of aging, add definition to the facial muscles, and improve the complexion. Toned smooth faces are my best advert, so please only apply if you are committed!


Facial Gymnastics Initial Assessment

     Facial Gym follow up sessions




Clarifying Treatments for Acne or Rosacea.

Acne and Rosacaea are a pain but their treatment can be pleasurable! These treatments offer specific care for these unbalanced skin conditions, together with a personalised homecare plan. Discounts are available for a course of treatments, for optimum results

   Clarifying Treatment: Acne
   Clarifying Treatment: Rosacea

   Deep Cleansing Treatment


120 minutes   £105
120 minutes   £105

60 minutes     £75



The Back Cleansing Treatment

Ideal at the end of winter or before a special event or holiday. Can be combined with a cleansing facial

      Back Cleansing Treatment

  35 minutes

 £50 (£45 combined with a facial)


The Hand and Foot Treatments

Soothing, cherishing care for your hands and feet, these are not like a regular manicure/pedicure, but offer holistic care, and a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience for these often neglected extremities.

     Foot Treatment
     Hand Treatment

  60 minutes
  60 minutes



The Ultimate Treatment  -  a perfect gift, as it also includes a goodie bag for the lucky client!
Imagine the luxury! Over two and a half hours of blissful relaxation and total pampering! Combining a Classic facial with gentle back massage, and back cleansing, nail care, and specific eye, neck and décolleté care product applications; it is hard to be more relaxed than this! Treat yourself or someone else to this fabuously decadent experience.

     The Ultimate Treatment

  2.5 hours



Radiant Skin Sessions
Want to know how best to look after your skin? This is a DIY facial session, which enables you to ask questions, try products and see what's best for you and your skin.

This can also be done as an entertaining and informative hands-on group session, including skincare advice and a starter kit for each participant. Ideal for a Pamper Party for friends or Hen night.

     Radiant Skin Workshops by arrangement 


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Make up lesson and Makeup consultation

Your personalised makeup session includes a free lipstick worth £20.50

 60 minutes  £68

Makeup with the ONLY Dr Hauschka trained makeup artist in the UK

Dr Hauschka's makeup is the most natural and organic you can get, and, with many of the same ingredients as the skin care range, it truly is beautifying.

Application tips and tricks help you get the most out of your makeup session.  

 Makeup sessions/lessons from £60 Wedding Makeup by appointment.


Gift vouchers are available for all treatments