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Facial Treatments

The Light Fantastic

Book yourself in for a rejuvenating treat

Harness the healing qualities of LED Lights to boost collagen and revitalise your skin.

A gentle cleanse is followed by a light treatment. You relax while the lights do their work, then get up and glow! Includes day care or you can choose to wear a mask home and remove it later for extra care. 

Try it out for £45


Treat yourself to a course and see the visible difference in your complexion

Dermalux LED   

Course of six £250

Course of 12 £475



What you get

"A week's holiday in two hours!"

Created by Elisabeth Sigmund in the 1950s, the Classic is a 'full-body' facial.

Starting with a scented foot soak, your legs, arms, hands and feet are massaged with sweet-smelling unguents to relax you. Then your face is gently but deeply cleansed, before two curative masks are applied. Then there's the exclusive Dr Hauschka Lymph massage with brushes. "Like being stroked by angel wings" said a very relaxed client, afterwards. Not only will you feel relaxed, yet alert, but your skin will be radiant and glowing with health. 

How long does it take?

Depending on your skin's condition, allow up to two hours for blissful relaxation

What's the cost?

Classic Facial > 110.00



If you're pushed for time, there are shorter options:

Try a Relaxation or Revitalising Facial

You'll still have the exclusive Dr Hauschka Lymph massage with brushes: "Like being stroked by angel wings" said a very relaxed client, but there is an emphasis on either relaxation or deep cleansing - whatever your skin currently needs the most.

What's the cost?

Relaxation or Revitalising facial > £89

How long does it take?

Allow up to 90 minutes




An adaption of the Classic Facial, adding specialised targeted care to assuage the signs of ageing and tiredness. Firming applications treat the neck and delicate eye area to smooth and strengthen the skin

How long does it take?

Allow up to 135 minutes

What's the cost? £125.00




What is it?

The perfect gift, including a goodie bag for the lucky recipient!

Imagine the luxury! Over two and a half hours of blissful relaxation and total pampering!

What you get -

Combining a Classic facial with gentle back massage, and back cleansing, hand, foot, arm, leg and nail care, plus specific eye, neck and décolleté care product applications; it is hard to be more relaxed than this!

Treat yourself or someone else to this fabulously decadent experience.

How long does it take?

Allow up to 2.5 hours

What's the cost? £145.00

Buy someone a gift voucher or treat yourself



What you get -

A shorter facial, focussing on deep cleansing, with masks and Lymph Stimulation

How long does it take?

Allow just over an hour

What you pay

One hour facial £75





What is it?

Relaxing, refreshing care for the delicate eye area. A boost of freshness & relaxation, which firms and soothes.

How long is it?

15 minutes

What does it cost?

£25 alone or added to another treatment £20



Invest in your skin! Gold is expensive, but you're worth it!

"My skin looked and felt tauter and firmer. I imagine it's like Botox, but without the needles." 

What is it?

Ooh, the luxury! Imagine your face coated in 24 carat gold leaf! Colloidal gold and/or silver, Organic Rose Water and pearl powder add to the luxury and effectiveness. (No Asses' milk, so suitable for vegans, as well as anyone else.)

How long is it?

Allow over two hours

What's the cost? - £270 - Gold is pricey, and just keeps going up! But you're worth it!



A firming treatment for mature skin. Regular facials can help keep your face & neck looking more youthful and toned.

What is it?

Targeted massage and treatment for ageing skin. Firms the contours, lifts the cheeks, tones and smooths the skin.

How long is it?

Allow an hour for your first appointment

What's the cost? 




You work out your body, so why not your face? There are over 40 muscles in it, after all.
Ageing well means keeping your face toned and firm as well as your body. Luckily the muscles on your face can also be worked and toned to revitalise the skin and firm the facial contours. This also helps 'lift' the face, as the built up muscles help support the skin, while smoothing out and filling wrinkles. The added bonus is a radiant complexion, because of the increased circulation
You can look as if you've 'had work done', by doing the work yourself. And all totally needle free. 

What is it?

You'll learn specific targeted exercises to help you keep your facial skin looking youthful and plumped up, while toning the contours of your face, chin and neck. 
Does it work? 
It does, if you do. See below...
This course is done on Zoom, and you'll get a personally designed video to work alongside.
How long is it?
Your first appointment is about an hour, where we'll discuss what you want to get out of this and work through some exercises.Then I'll make you a video, which you'll work with for four weeks. I'll expect you to check in via text each day telling me what you've done or sending a picture.
After four weeks or so, we'll meet up again on Zoom for a follow-up session to refine what you've done and I'll make you another 'workout' video. A follow-up lesson after six months is highly recommended.
Please note that you are expected to do the exercises at least five days out of seven
If you can't commit to this, don't bother enrolling, as I want to see results as much as you do and if you don't do the work, the exercises won't work. That's a waste of both of our time, and your money.

What's the cost? 

£250.00 for your first two sessions and videos, plus online support.
Follow-up lessons > £80


What is it?

Soothing, cherishing care for your hands. So much more relaxing than a regular manicure, offering holistic care, and a deeply relaxing & nurturing experience for your hard-working hands, fingers and nails.

How long does it take?

Allow an hour

What's the cost?

£70 including a Neem Nail Pen to take home.



Not a pedicure, but gentle nourishing attention paid to these neglected extremities. 

How long does it take?

Allow an hour

What's the cost?

£70 including a Neem Nail pen to take home.



What is it?

A firming energising treatment for revitalised lighter-feeling legs. Targets cellulite 

How long does it take?

About 45 minutes

What does it cost?





What is it?

Body massage with your chosen therapeutic blend of aromatic oils

How long does it take?

From half an hour for a back and neck massage, to 1.5 hours for full body

What's the cost?

From £45



What is it?

Your opportunity to create your own unique blend of oils.

Make a body oil, bath oil, lip balm - whatever you fancy, it can probably be blended!

How long does it take?

Allow an hour and a half

What's the cost?

£65 for your session and sample product



Want to know how best to look after your skin? This is a DIY facial session, which enables you to ask questions, try products and see what's best for you and your skin.

This can also be done as an entertaining and informative hands-on group session, including skincare advice and a starter kit for each participant. Ideal as a Pamper Party for friends or Hen night. 

How long does it take?

Allow at least an hour

How much?

From £45 per person, including a Goodie Bag



Your personalised makeup session includes a free lipstick worth £20



Learn how to flatter your best features with Dr Hauschka's Natural & Organic makeup range. Learn application tips and tricks to enable you to apply makeup with confidence and flair, so you always look your best.

How long?

Allow one hour

How much?

£68 including your choice of lipstick & Goodie bag



Which colours suit your complexion best? How should you combine them?

How long?

Allow an hour

How Much?

£68 including your choice of lipstick & Goodie bag


 ☆ Gift vouchers ☆ 

Gift vouchers are so handy if you'd like to buy something special, but don't know quite what to get.

Vouchers don't have a 'use by' date, so remain valid indefinitely.

They can be used for treatments, products or both, as desired.

I can also post them for you!

Browse the full range of Dr Hauschka Makeup Including the Limited Editions

Dr Hauschka's makeup is the most natural and organic you can get, and, with many of the same ingredients as the skin care range, it truly is beautifying.



Be a VIP!

Never miss out on your treatment!

Join the VIP Skincare Club.

You can register your interest by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From just £37 per month, you can budget for your essential skincare, and benefit from the knowledge that your treatment is paid for.

Other benefits include free makeup session in your birthday month and products. It all depends on your membership level. . .


Beauty Box    £37 pcm 

Receive a box of Organic skincare treats each month


Gold              £45 pcm

Quarterly treatment with RNC box, birthday makeup session and a free Radiant Skin Session when you join up.


Gold +          £65

As Gold, but including a monthly postal Beauty Box


Rose Gold    £80 places still available

Two treatments per quarter


Platinum       Only one more place available

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Diamond       Only one more place available

 Ask for more details 

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