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The Organic Beautician - Jane MannWhat's wrong with wanting radiant skin?

It's natural to want to look your best, at any age. If you want to get real, noticeable results from your skincare, and you also need to take time out to relax and unwind, you should try Dr Hauschka!

Here are five good reasons why:

  1. If you want to look and feel better, you need a great Facialist who can guide and advise you. That’s me! I offer more than just product sales, I offer you VISIBLE results, and delicious relaxation at the same time!
  1. If you’re short of time and need fast results, I’m your woman. I understand that we are all time-poor and need good, conscientious, honest advice. The only point of skincare is to make you look and feel wonderful; I can help that happen.
  1. You’ll be working with a Facialist who’s always learning more. I study a LOT, which is a rare thing in the beauty world. I look at what works, and what doesn’t. I read everything about skin care, the cosmetics industry and health that I can get my hands (and cursor) on. Then I APPLY what I’ve learned to your skin, to get the results you want. (You might be wondering why this is important… Well, think about it!. Would you go to a doctor who hadn’t studied and qualified? Or an accountant? Or a solicitor? Of course not. Yet the cosmetics market is awash with people who have never studied or qualified. They’ve learned just enough about skincare to sell their products. They don’t test what they do on their clients’ skin. They might speak nicely about their wares, but do they really have a deep understanding about skin and your skin in particular? I do, though!)
  1. You’ll get a completely honest assessment from me. If I think you’ll be wasting your money using something, I’ll tell you straight, and I’ll explain what would give you better results, with less cost and effort!        
  2. I want you to get the best possible results from your skincare and not just because it will increase your confidence; it’s also in my own best interests to do so, because if I don’t get results for my clients, they’re not happy and they don’t come back. And I just LOVE happy clients!

Perhaps you’re not convinced yet?

Understandable, after all, we don't know each other, and skincare is a very personal thing

You might want to get to know me a little better, and that’s fine. There’s a really easy way to do that: read my FREE "3 Things that Will Change Your Skin for GOOD"!

This will walk and talk you through the way I look at skincare, skin health and aesthetics. You’ll get some useful information, practical tips and an insight into who I am, all for £0. Nothing. Nada.

So, just drop me an email and I’ll send you my hints and tips, or just sign up here, for my regular newsletter, so we can get to know each other a little better. And, if you don't like what you learn, you can just unsubscribe at any time, no strings, no obligations!   




The founder of Dr.Hauschka manufacturer WALA Heilmittel gave his company a mission that continues to this day. Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's goal "to support the healing of humanity and the earth" informs not only the culture of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care



What to expect during a Dr. Hauschka Treatment.

How about total bliss and relaxation, for starters?

As you experience the beautiful scents and gentle massage, you will become steadily more tranquil, and we can all do with some tranquility in our hectic lives. Your mind will become less busy and you will emerge with a profound feeling of well-being at the end. If you want a little more detail, read on!


lymphatic stimulation

Have you ever been stroked by Angels' wings?

This is how one client described the Lymphatic Stimulation, which is a special feature of the Dr. Hauschka approach, where brushes and very gentle hand movements are used, rather the usual massage strokes. You will sink into a deliciously relaxed state, when you experience this for the first time, but it is do deeply relaxing that many people fall asleep!