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Autumn skin care

With the autumnal weather we are having, skin can start to react, not only to the weather, but to the sudden onslaught of us all switching on our central heating, or sitting too close to a roaring fire, roasting chestnuts! So it is a great time to review your skin care regime and give yourself a little TLC! Many of my customers like to use Rhythmic Night Conditioner, for a month, at the change of seasons, as it gives the skin the extra support it needs during a period of change. Use one ampoule nightly for a month. They are now easier to use, as they come in a plastic package with a twist off top, so no more miniscule shards of glass under foot!

Think about your day cream: is it enough for your skin at the present? What was suitable during the summer (!) may not be rich enough now. Or you could continue to use it, and use an additional product with it. Try a couple of drops of Normalising Day Oil or a small amount of Rejuvenating Mask under your usual day cream. Again, try this for a full month, as that is the length of time it takes for the full skin's cycle from the basale layer to the stratum corneum on the surface. It is worth taking a little care now, so you look fabulous for the rapidly approaching festive season!