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What do I get?

What's included?

  • Over £120 worth of Dr Hauschka skin care
  • Skin boosting Renewing Night Conditioner
  • Radiant Skin practical session
  • A month’s support from the Organic Beautician
  • Skin spa kit**
  • Skin boosting sprinkles
  • Your skincare prescription
  • Radiant Skin Eating plan & workbook
  • Bonus Facial exercise
  • Money off Dr Hauschka Treatments
  • Discounts on Dr Hauschka skin care

I use Dr Hauschka Skin care because it is the best I have found. As it is organic, and economical to use, it is better for us and the planet.

*Your skin care kit for the month includes, Cleansing Cream, Toner, Renewing Night Conditioner, muslin face cloth, bath essence 10 ml moisturiser

**Skin spa kit includes Clay Mask sachet, Cream Mask, 10ml steam bath essence