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Back Cleanse

The Organic Beautician - Dr.Hauschka Back Cleansing Treatment

The Back Cleansing Treatment is like a facial for your back, and leaves you feeling refreshed and revived

It is perfect if you are going through a detox or have congested skin.

A relaxing foot bath helps to dissipate the stresses of the day, then you then move to the couch, where warm, fragrant compresses help to relieve tension in your shoulders and lower back, and prepare your skin for deep cleansing. The application of special preparations to rebalance and moisturise are also part of the treatment.

The Dr.Hauschka Back Cleansing Treatment leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed and revitalized. In cases of Acne, it combines well with a Clarifying facial.

Duration: 1 Hour Treatment £58 (When combined with facial £40)