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Clarifying Treatment

The Organic Beautician - Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Treatment

Do you suffer from Acne or Rosacea? You can help your skin back to normality.

The Dr Hauschka Clarifying Treatment uses special techniques and preparations to help regulate, heal and restore balance to your skin and offers specific care for Acne and Rosacea skin conditions.

To restore your complexion to clear, healthy vitality, I use Sage compresses to warm the skin to prepare it for deep cleansing with an herbal steam bath, deep-cleansing clay mask. Lymphatic stimulation helps to impart a harmonising, decongesting impulse to your skin. A Clay mask treats open pores and blemishes, and Rhythmic Conditioner and appropriate day care complete this effective treatment. It's relaxing too! 

Your skin will feel soothed and purified, and blemishes and blackheads are visibly reduced.

The effective treatment of acne includes using products that encourage the skin to function normally. A full home care prescription will be given to you, so that your skin learns to heal itself and function normally.

It is generally advisable to have a series of treatments when dealing with Acne or Rosacea. 

Your skin did not get like this overnight, so a long term approach to your cure is advised. Having said that, though, an immediate improvement is more usual, in my experience!

Duration: Initial two hour Treatment £135

One hour Deep cleansing Facial (follow up) £75

Contact me for a special deal, when booking a course of treatments