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Dr Hauschka Treatment

The Organic Beautician - Dr.Hauschka Treatment

Relaxation and rejuvenation for you and your skin

Gorgeous scents, warm cloths and gentle massage mean that you hardly notice your skin being deep-cleansed and revitalised. The Dr Hauschka Classic Treatment is a nurturing and luxurious facial treatment which pampers you and your skin. You will float away into a sea of glorious scents, tranquility and warmth, and emerge afterwards ready to pick up your life with renewed energy and radiant glowing skin!

All treatments start with a warm, relaxing sage footbath and a full consultation so that we can tailor the treatment to your needs and concerns.

This is followed by gentle deep cleansing, delicate massage, nourishing masks and lymphatic stimulation using soft brushes and soft hand movements to stimulate your body’s own inherent healing ability. The skin gains renewed hydration and vitality and you will feel deeply relaxed.

This lovely treatment is often taken as a single treatment, but it is particularly beneficial as part of a regular treatment plan. Some people come monthly, others quarterly, at the change of seasons, to support themselves and their skin. Others come on an ad-hoc basis when they feel they need it, but whether you enjoy it regularly or occasionally, it is a truly life-enhancing experience!

A full aftercare plan is given to help preserve the healthy glow.

Duration 2 hours