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Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil

Well, I have been a Hauschka girl for well over a decade now, but I do occasionally stray, and usually regret the experience! Recently I tried some foundation from a supermarket, which shall remain nameless, as I had read a great review about it. It made my skin feel like plastic (that would be the scary ingredients) and as though it couldn't breathe. So I won't try that again! However, I have been sent a trial of Rio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip seed oil recently and as it is 100% natural and organic, I decided to give it a whirl. It smells nice, and feels pleasant, perhaps a little oily, but then it is an oil, so that is to be expected! Apparently the women of South America have used this oil for years, and it is supposed to be fantastic for the treatment of scars and other skin damage. Rosehips contain an extremely high concentration of essential fatty acids, like Omegas 3 & 6, and more gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) than starflower oil, so I thought I would let it have a shot at my wrinkles.

I am going to apply the oil to one side of my face and neck –which really needs some help; if I were not so short sighted I would have noticed this before!- under my usual Dr. Hauschka creams, and see if there is a difference after one month when the skin will have gone through its full cycle.