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Hand Treatment

The Organic Beautician - Dr.Hauschka Hand Treatment

Treat yourself to some time with the Organic Beautician and treat your hands to some TLC!

The Dr Hauschka Hand Treatment is like a facial for your hands, revitalising the skin and leaving them feeling smoother, softer and well cared for.

A warm herbal bath creates a feeling of relaxing warmth which permeates the whole body, your nails are cared for with strengthening Neem nail oil, and subsequent gentle massage with the Dr Hauschka Body Oils on your hands and arms is completed with total relaxation while the nourishing mask and warm compresses work.

You leave feeling relaxed with an increased sense of wellbeing.

The Dr Hauschka Hand Treatment revitalises your hands, leaving them feeling softer and smoother. The treatment is especially helpful for aching joints, dry hands and dry, flaky nails. This is a particularly nurturing treatment for people who use their hands consciously in their work.

Duration: 1 Hour Treatment £75 (includes a Neem Nail Pen)